Mini Prints

These are printed on 8 1/2" x 11" archival watercolor paper (image size approximately 8" x 10"), hand produced in Tim's studio by professional printer Nancy Wistrom. The acid balanced water-color paper and archival quality inks ensure the highest quality possible. Each one is individually signed and titled by Tim Wistrom. The print comes wrapped in a clear protective plastic envelope, ready for matting and framing. These are open edition prints - they are not numbered, but each is individually signed.

Tim works with acrylic paint on canvas, using only paint brushes. He uses no computers, no projectors, no airbrushes, not even a plumb line - just the paint, brushes, and his very vivid imagination. His images often evoke a peaceful post-apocalyptic scene, while others are fanciful surrealistic scenes. Each image will launch your imagination in a different direction.

Of he's art, Tim says, "Look at my paintings with a sense of humor and creativity, as my goal is to spark your imagination. Consider a world gone by and a world yet to be. Just Imagine! "

We offer Free In-Studio Pick-Up (La Conner, WA.), or Free Shipping (lower 48 states only) on paintings and prints 18"x22" and smaller.

We always recommend that you pick up your purchase of a larger painting (ask us about delivery options) but we can ship larger paintings (lower 48 states only) at your cost.

Please call for shipping/packing fees.


  • "To Go" Mini Print

    "To Go" Mini Print

    Surrealism - the consideration of chance effects and unexpected juxtapositions. Suppose that the oceans rise above their current levels (it's happened before). Humans would adapt to new and different living situations. Humpback whales, however, might...

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  • "Top Of The Town" Mini Print

    "Top Of The Town" Mini Print

    In classic Wistrom Surrealism, Tim's detail is astonishing. In this image Tim has created a small town atop the Space Needle. With the row boats, fishing boat,sea plane, and so much more, we know that man has adjusted to a different way of like. This...

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  • "Urban Renewal" Mini Print

    "Urban Renewal" Mini Print

    The Seattle Space Needle and Monorail stand over a couple of grizzly bears fishing in a river that used to be 5th Avenue. Nature has returned to the wild. This is a small open edition print on paper, signed not numbered. This painting was done in the...

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  • "Wet Paint" Mini Print

    "Wet Paint" Mini Print

    As a professional artist, Tim has always mixed his paints on a palette. So, one day as he was painting, his creative imagination saw an Orcan whale jump from his paints and palette. In surrealistic fashion, Tim again creates a unique painting that allows...

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