Tim has been painting for over 50 years and has always used acrylic paint on canvas. Each canvas is custom stretched, triple primed, and upon completion is coated with a protective clear finish, which insures the life and clarity of the painting - it will not fade or discolor. Unless otherwise noted, each painting is sold unframed and prewired, ready to hang.

  • "On The Rocks" 5x7 Framed Canvas.

    " A Few Small Original Paintings"

    These are One-Of-A-Kind Original Paintings (no reprints).Each is hand painted on canvas by Tim Wistrom, using acrylic paints.While the canvas may be smaller than Tim often uses, the details he puts into each one is outstanding. These little gems sell...

    $175.00 - $250.00
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  • "Over The Top" Original Painting

    "Over The Top" Original Painting

    "Over The Top". Of this painting, Tim says, "On a rainy Juneuary day in La Conner, I was daydreaming about the San Juan Islands. I look forward to jumping on a seaplane and visiting the islands. So I painted this!" This scenic original painting has the...

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  • "Passing Mt. Baker" original on easel.

    "Passing Mt. Baker" Original Painting

    The pod has a new calf! Rising to the surface you can see the little one, cruising right along with the rest of the family, with Mt. Baker in the background. This original painting is rectangular (24" tall x 30" wide), painted on a Gallery Wrap canvas...

    $1,650.00 - $1,730.00
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  • "The Picture of Love"

    "Picture Of Love" Original Painting

    The dolphin on the canvas has already been created, he's ready and is awaiting his sweetheart. Men often wait patiently for women to get ready, you can see that this lady is not quite ready. But when she is ready, she'll join him on the canvas, together...

    $2,500.00 - $2,700.00
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  • "Something's Brewing"

    "Something's Brewing" Original Painting

    She's up to something, what could it be? The iconic coffee shop appears to have endured dramatic changes to the earth, and now the seafaring traditions have been revived. But is it romance on the high seas? Or high jinks for the sailors? Hmm .....

    $9,500.00 - $9,800.00
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  • "Deception Passing" Original

    SOLD "Deception Passing"

    "Deception Passing" has the bridge that connects Whidbey Island to Fidalgo Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington state. Beneath the bridge 3 orcas whales are cruising along. Welcome to Washington! This painting has sold.