Tim works with acrylic paint on canvas, using only paint brushes. He uses no computers, no projectors, no airbrushes, not even a plumb line - just the paints, brushes, and his very vivid imagination. His images often evoke a peaceful post-apocalyptic scene, while others are fanciful realistic scenes. Each image will launch your imagination in a different direction.

Tim has been painting for over 50 years and has always used acrylic paint on canvas. Each canvas is custom stretched, triple primed, and upon completion coated with a protective clear finish to ensure the life and clarity of the painting - it will not fade or discolor. Unless otherwise noted, each painting is sold unframed and prewired, ready to hang.

Of he's art, Tim says, "Look at my paintings with a sense of humor and creativity, as my goal is to spark your imagination. Consider a world gone by and a world yet to be. Just Imagine!"

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  • "A Wild Event" Original Painting

    "A Wild Event" Original Painting

    "A Wild Event" Check it out: a group is beginning to gather for a special event at the new arena. Circling above is an eagle (acting as security?) that has taken his position, while several Humpback and Orca whales frolic with the seals. Doesn't look...

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  • "Bridging Nature" Original Painting

    "Bridging Nature" Original Painting

    "Bridging Nature" Deception Pass and Bridge, this realistic scene shows both, along with a few of the local crowd (seagulls & eagle) enjoying the afternoon. This original painting measures 20" tall x 16" wide and is hand painted by Tim Wistrom using...

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  • "Something's Brewing"

    "Something's Brewing" Original Painting

    She's up to something, what could it be? The iconic coffee shop appears to have endured dramatic changes to the earth, and now the seafaring traditions have been revived. But is it romance on the high seas? Or high jinks for the sailors? Hmm .....

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  • "Starship Alaska" Original Painting

    "Starship Alaska" Original Painting

    "Starship Alaska" From a galaxy far, far away! Who knows, maybe in the not too distant future, Alaska Airlines will branch out into space. This original painting measures 16" tall x 20" wide and is hand painted by Tim Wistrom using acrylic paints, framed...

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  • "Three's Company" Original Painting

    "Three's Company" Original Painting

    "Three's Company" The Salish Sea is home to many resident Orca whales. Here is a family of 3 swimming and playing up near the San Juan Islands with Mount Baker in the background. This original painting measures 10" tall x 20" wide and is hand painted by...

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  • Original

    Baker Backdrop" Original Painting

    "Baker Backdrop" Welcome to the Salish Sea! This scene is in the northern part of Puget Sound and shows Mount Baker standing tall. A few of our resident Orca whales are cruising past, enjoying the pristine waters. This original painting measures 16" tall...

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  • Moving Paint" Original Painting

    Moving Paint" Original Painting

    "Moving Paint" There he was, the artist at his easel creating a new original, when all of a sudden an eagle flew out of his brush! This original painting measures 16" tall x 20" wide and is hand painted by Tim Wistrom using acrylic paints, framed in...

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  • SOLD "Last Light" Original Painting

    SOLD "Last Light" Original Painting

    "Last Light" SOLD If you're lucky, you may see a family of Orca whales playing as you glide past on the ferry (or on your boat). These three are having fun during the last few hours of daylight in the San Juan Island waters. This original painting...

  • SOLD "Quiet On The Set" Original Painting

    SOLD "Quiet On The Set" Original Painting

    "Quiet On The Set" SOLD Hollywood Surrealism - wow! This mini-original has a couple of Orca whales swimming along the new, raised California water-line. Could this be their audition?? The infamous Hollywood (Land) sign is still perched on the hills...

  • SOLD "Time Will Tell"

    SOLD "Time Will Tell"

    "Time Will Tell" SOLDClassic Wistrom surrealism! In this painting Tim includes the Public Market (aka Pike Place Market), a very high tide in Seattle, a couple of eagles, Alki Point (left side background), and several other curious things. Of his...

  • SOLD "Vacancy Shores" Original Painting

    SOLD "Vacancy Shores" Original Painting

    "Vacancy Shores" SOLD Welcome to The Shores! This recent vacancy is available for the next occupant. It is a desirable waterfront home and will certainly will go fast - as soon as the tide comes in it will be gone! This original painting measures 18"...

  • Something's Fishy"

    Something's Fishy"

    "Something's Fishy"New for 2024, a classic Wistrom surrealistic original painting. In this painting Tim includes the submerged Public Market (aka Pike Place Market) with a family of Orca (aka Killer) whales. He included the Information booth, that is...

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