• SOLD "Erosion Of Time"

    SOLD "Erosion Of Time"

    This painting has sold, and there will be not prints made. This is one of Tim's surrealistic images considering the dramatic changes the earth can produce. We humans often think that everything will...

  • "Space Needle Island"

    SOLD "Space Needle Island"

    This is one of Tim's Mini Paintings. He often says that these take as much (if not more) time to paint than the larger originals, lots of little details. This painting includes a black wood easel,...

  • SOLD "The Salmon Wranglers" Original

    SOLD "The Salmon Wranglers" Original

    Often, orca whales work together to encircle and wrangle (herd) schools of salmon before attacking. The comparatively large pod size of resident whales in the Pacific Northwest is an advantage when...