Tim Wistrom


Many people don't know his name, but they know his paintings. He's often referred to as "the artist that paints Seattle underwater" or "the artist that paints peaceful post-apocalyptic scenes of cities."  Still other people know him as the artist that creates amazing surrealism, so detailed it looks like a photograph. And many had the opportunity to watch him paint at Art Shows in the malls during the 70's and 80's - his original paintings were of boats, lighthouses, and Northwest scenes. His artistic career has spanned 52 years and counting. He is that artist guy; Tim Wistrom - Artist, and yes, he's still doing it.

"Look at my paintings with a sense of humor and creativity, as my goal is to spark your imagination. Consider a world gone by and a world yet to be. Just Imagine! " -Tim Wistrom

Tim works with acrylic paint on canvas, using paint brushes. There are no computers, no projectors, no airbrushes, not even a plumb line - only the paint and brushes. Every painting is done completely freehand, the old-fashioned way. He is a natural artist, self-taught, showing his talent at a very young age. His career started in 1969, when he was still in high school, and continues today.

The lure of the road called Tim for many years, and he enjoyed traveling to a variety of Art Festivals in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, and Florida, participating every year in about 30 events.

All that changed in 2020 with the Covid disease and all of the shows he regularly did were cancelled. Fortunately, his studio is in La Conner, WA., and open to the public. He's able to paint daily, as well as display all of his new paintings and prints. Stop by sometime!

Born in Germany to parents in the US Air Force, Tim grew up in Germany, on the East Coast, in San Diego, and Seattle.  Although his travels have taken him all over the world, Washington has been his home for over 35 years.


Our Mixed-Media Paintings are Fine Art Reproductions on Canvas that Tim adds detail by hand painting right on the canvas, creating a unique and individual image. Many of Tim's original paintings are very large, so a smaller sized Mixed-Media Painting would be the next best thing. They have the look, feel, and longevity of an original painting for a fraction of the cost.


Artist's Proof prints are a special subset of the regular limited edition. Traditionally, artist's proofs number 10% of the total edition, so in a limited edition of 500 prints, there will be only 50 artist's proofs. Artist's proofs are generally considered more collectable in the world of art, and their value is proportionally higher than the regular numbered limited-edition prints.

Artist's proofs began back when limited editions were all hand-pulled from a press with the artist present to OK the art, confirming the quality of the image. The artist's proofs, being the first prints pulled off a fresh "stone" (the plate which was drawn or etched by the artist to create the prints), were the sharpest and most colorful of the lot. Today, in the world of modern printing, all the prints in an edition are virtually identical. Artist's proof prints are very collectable and considered more value because they are a small subset of the limited edition, and directly involve the artist in the printing process. Artist's proofs are signed "A/P" or "Artist's Proof" which may or may not be numbered with the serial number of that portion of the limited edition.