"Sea Ya" Limited Edition Prints

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Archival Limited Edition prints, each hand signed, titled, numbered. Available in 2 sizes.

As an avid boater, Tim has spent many hours on the water and so have his children. The little boy in this painting was taken from a photo of his youngest son at about 3 years old (he's grown with children of his own now). The lighthouse was created from memories of many different lighthouses, does it look familiar? It's like a little bit from every lighthouse you've seen. The fishing vessel is so detailed - look at the rigging and all those hand painted lines. Tim's detail is so amazing, and the fishermen tell me he accurately portrays local fishing boats.

Prints are on Archival Watercolor Paper. Prices are for unframed images.

 - Limited Edition Prints (on paper):
11" x 17" edition of 950, and 95 A/P's (artist proofs)
17" x 22" edition of 500, and 50 A/P's