"Liberty Awake" Mini Print

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8 1/2" x 11" (image size approximately 8" x 10") prints are hand produced in Wistrom's studio.

Inspired by the terrorist evil on 9/11, this painting shows the Manhattan Skyline with the Twin Towers missing. A reflection of them in the water shows that they are gone but not forgotten. Lady Liberty, our symbol of freedom, has come off her pedestal and is walking across the river to go help our country in its time of need.

There is so much in this painting.The light from the sky highlighting the missing towers, the statue holding a US flag, the title (the statue is moving so quickly across the water that she is leaving a wake). The symbolism is everywhere.

Tim's imagination created this painting within a few days of the attacks, but he had a dilemma; he did not want to profit from this terrorism. He wanted to help the country heal, so he decided to donate 1/2 the prints to the First Responders in NYC. Then-mayor Rudy Giuliani even sent him a letter of thanks.

"This happened, we will never forget, but we will move forward stronger." says Tim.

This is a small open edition print on paper, signed not numbered.
This painting was done in 2001 and all of the prints sold out that year.
There are no Limited Edition Prints available now.