• Untitled Original Painting

    Untitled Original Painting

    A little bit about this painting: A pod of orca whales is playing in front of a capitol building, which is cracked right down the middle. A family of eagles has nested at the top of the dome. This...

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  • "Food for Thought"

    "Food For Thought" Original Painting

    Many keep a fish bowl at home, some have tropical fish. This bowl does not have any fish, but rather a family of humpback whales. And they get hungry! Twice a day humpbacks consume about 2,200 -...

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  • SOLD "Artistic Freedom"

    SOLD "Artistic Freedom"

    This Original has SOLD. Please consider ordering a Mixed Media Painting or a Limited Edition Print. Look at the family of orca whales as they leap off the palette in their dash for freedom. They are...

  • "Painted In 1/2 Hour"

    SOLD "Painted In 1/2 Hour"

    This painting has sold. It is a One Of A Kind, no prints will be made. The title reflects Tim's humor in this classic Wistrom Realistic Original. He was being recorded for a video while he painted...

  • SOLD "A Killer View" Original Painting

    SOLD "A Killer View" Original Painting

    This painting has SOLD. The Pacific Northwest holds many wonders. In this painting Tim has created a realistic scene of a pod of Orcas (AKA Killer Whales) playing in the waters of Puget Sound. The...