"The Salmon Wranglers" Original Painting

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Often, orca whales work together to encircle and wrangle (herd) schools of salmon before attacking. The comparatively large pod size of resident whales in the Pacific Northwest is an advantage when herding a school of salmon, their primary diet.

This is one of Tim's surrealistic images considering the dramatic changes the earth can produce. Over millions of years the earth has continued to re-create it's surface, and we are at a point in time where we can actually watch it happen. Perhaps some of the buildings we've created will be around for several millennium to come.

One Of A Kind Original Painting, no prints will be made.
This original painting is a long rectangle measuring 12"x36", on a gallery wrap canvas (a canvas stretched and stapled to the back of the framing bars and does not need a frame).
Original painting is offered unframed ready to hang for $1,200.00

Hand painted by Tim Wistrom using acrylic paints applied to an archival canvas with paint brushes.
The measurements are 12" tall x 36" wide. A clear acrylic finish has been applied by Tim for protection from the elements. The painting is ready to hang unframed.

This original painting is hand created on canvas. Tim uses only acrylic paints and brushes.