"The Art Of Love" Poster Special

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Open edition print, signed but not numbered, size 11x17" only.

This is the 2nd in an ongoing series: The Studio Series. The dolphin on the canvas has already been created, he's ready and is awaiting his sweetheart. Men often wait patiently for women to get ready, you can see that this lady is not quite ready. But when she is ready, she'll join him on the canvas, together forever. This is an interesting twist on surrealism. Tim has created several works in this series that include his art supplies and nature.

This is an open edition poster. As such, it is not numbered. Tim has personally signed each one. Price is for an unframed poster.
The poster is printed on a heavy stock paper measuring 11x17". The actual images is 9.5x14"

The Limited Edition Lithographs have all sold out in this size. None are available.