Small Original Paintings, Various Prices

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These are One-Of-A-Kind Original Paintings (no reprints).
Each is hand painted on canvas by Tim Wistrom, using acrylic paints.
While the canvas may be smaller than Tim often uses, the details he puts into each one is outstanding.

These little gems sell fast, and there is only one of each.
To order, please click the button above that corresponds with the painting you'd like to buy.

Listed in order of image presentation:

1&2) "Fly By Light",  Seagulls along the beach, 11x14" Gallery Wrap (unframed), $300.

3) "Cruise Control",  Orca whale and submarine, 5x7" Framed, $140.

4) "Ferry Go Round",  Cruising 'round the San Juan Islands on a Ferry, 5x7" Framed, $175.

5) "Untitled"  Painting featuring snowy mountains in the background and a couple of eagles circling above, 4x12" Gallery Wrap (unframed), $275.

6) "The Mermaids Escorts",  Under water with the mermaids, 4x12" Gallery Wrap (unframed), $275.

7) "On The Rocks",  Heron at the beach, 5x7" Framed, $160.