"A New Beginning" Mixed Media Painting

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In classic Wistrom Surrealism, we can see the water is up to the top of the Space Needle. Tons of life now swims and popluates Puget Sound. Tim put so many details in this painting, such as the starfish on the windows, and the accurate depiction of the Lady Washington. The main thing to ponder is how it can be that the Polar Bears and Penguins are enjoying the same waters.

This is ready to go home and hang on the wall. Since each Mixed Media Painting is individually created when ordered, (these are not mass produced), it usually takes a few weeks for Tim to complete a one.

Mixed-Media Paintings are created with archival printers inks on Archival Canvas, then Tim hand paints directly on the canvas, using acrylic paint & paint brushes. He creates something unique on each canvas.  Then he applies a clear acrylic finish for protection from the elements. These paintings are offered unframed, or choose the framed option. An unframed painting will be wired and ready to hang, but the staples holding the canvas to the stretcher bars (on the side of the canvas) will be visible - it should be framed at some point. Our framed paintings are in a black wood frame (hand crafted for us here in WA. state) and wired so they're ready to hang.